Produits naturels

Natural products

At TREDIS, we are aware that we must be able to offer consumers products that are safe for humans and for the environment. Our wide range of vegetable-based products enables us to meet this growing demand for natural products.

By favoring vegetable-based raw materials and committing to a sustainable approach in all our markets, our soap noodles, esters and other products for use in cosmetics and detergents are predominantly made from natural ingredients, free from all unnecessary components. They can therefore be used in environmentally friendly and organic formulations.

Engagement durable

A responsible commitment

Since its creation, Tredis has attached great importance to corporate social responsibility.
In this perspective, Tredis is constantly improving its contribution as a company to the challenges of sustainable development. This commitment is expressed in the attention we pay to the environment, social and human rights, ethics and responsible purchasing.
Our goal is to have a positive impact on society, to respect the environment with all our stakeholders.
This commitment was recently recognised by Ecovadis with a Platinium rating.
Our CSR commitements

Huile de palme RSPO - natural

Palm oil and RSPO

At TREDIS, we believe in using natural, renewable raw materials. As a member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) since 2011, we promote this initiative and distribute a wide range of oleochemical products derived from natural vegetable oils.

Certification RSPO - Naturels - natural

Respecting the environment and protecting natural resources

At Tredis, respecting the environment and protecting natural resources is a priority. This sustainable approach is formalized by:

  • Our COSMOS certification, which requires that our ingredients come from renewable resources and are transformed using environmentally friendly processes.
  • Exemplary compliance with regulatory requirements regarding products, workers’ rights and environmental protection.
  • TREDIS is a member of RSPO, an initiative that aims to implement sustainability principles and criteria. TREDIS also has RSPO Supply Chain certification, which applies to all stages in our transformation and distribution processes, from production through to the store shelf. The aim is to guarantee traceability of sustainable palm oil through to final consumption.
  • Distribution of cosmetic ingredients that are compatible with COSMOS formulations or any other natural/organic label (COSMOS, NaTrue, BDIH etc.), with the aim of reducing our impact on the environment.
This means that palm oil is manufactured sustainably and distributed according to ethical principles from an environmental, socially responsible and economical perspective. When it is well planned and applied, palm oil farming can comply with these criteria and help improve rural living standards and local/national development, as well as upholding stringent environmental values.
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is a worldwide multi-stakeholder initiative to promote sustainable products obtained from oil palm.
RSPO members are from a wide variety of different backgrounds, particularly farmers, manufacturers and distributors of oil palm derived products; environmental and social NGOs; and numerous countries that either produce or consume palm oil products.
The principal aim of RSPO is to “promote the use and growth of sustainable palm oil through cooperation within the supply chain and through open dialog between stakeholders”.
The Roundtable promotes palm oil production practices that reduce deforestation, preserve biodiversity and respect the livelihood of rural populations in palm oil-producing countries. It ensures that no more primary forests (or any other species of high conservation value) are sacrificed for palm oil plantations, that plantations apply best practices, and that the fundamental rights and living conditions of millions of plantation workers, small farmers and native populations are respected.

The Roundtable has implemented two certification systems:

  • to guarantee that palm oil is produced sustainably in plantations
  • to guarantee the integrity of palm oil trade, by monitoring each stage of palm oil transformation and commercialization, from production through to the store shelf. The aim is to guarantee traceability of sustainable palm oil through to final consumption. There are several RSPO traceability standards: Identity Preserved (IP), Segregated (SG) or Mass Balanced (MB).

Both of these systems involve external certification organizations. Thanks to these rigorous certification systems, oil manufacturers and consumers can be certain that their products really do contain or support sustainable palm oil.

By becoming a member of RSPO in 2011, Tredis took its sustainability approach to the next level.

▪  In 2014 Tredis furthered its commitment through RSPO Supply Chain certification.

▪  Since then, Tredis has been supplying palm oil based products that are certified “Mass Balance” and “Segregated”.